learn How to Paint Dolls Vol 2

How to Paint Male Ken Dolls- New 2011


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Introducing my brand new instructional Repaint CD. New for 2008.

In this, my second repaint CD, I teach you things not shown on volume one.  This CD is more advanced, and while beginners may be able to follow along, a basic knowledge of repainting is assumed. On this CD I do cover how to paint Barbie dolls and My Scene Barbie dolls, but my focus is on repainting 16" Tonner dolls, how to repaint Ellowyne, and how to do doll enhancements.                     178 Pages long!


Chapters include:

Introduction and fundamentals of doll repainting * All about eyes and eye shadow* Easy eyebrows*

Lips- a quick review* Enhancements- Changing eye color, freckles, open mouths, natural lips, smoky eyes, breast enhancements, body blushing and tattoos.

Repainting Barbie* Repaint a My Scene Barbie*

How to repaint Tonner Dolls- featuring Charlotte and Jac

Repainting Ellowyne two ways



As all my CDs, this one is in PDF format, meaning, a BOOK ON CD. It is not a DVD- there is no video or audio.

You can print it out and follow along at your own pace. It is 178 printed pages, with nearly 400 graphics added.


This Cd is $36.00 with $2.50 shipping


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