Male Ken Doll Makeovers

How to paint and customize Ken dolls

Every Barbie doll need a Ken doll, right? The problem is that a store bought Ken doll is just not very attractive, and he looks so lifeless. Barbie needs a better Ken. Barbie and Ken dolls can be made over into OOAK ( One of a Kind) dolls with help from my instructional CD manuals.

This process is known as a doll makeover, or a custom doll,  and totally changes the look of your Ken or Barbie doll.


This CD is the THIRD in my How to Paint Dolls series of instructional CDs.

Brand New Instructional CD for 2011 ~ Male Doll Makeovers.

On this JUST released Instructional CD I show you how I customize, paint and redo the hair on male dolls. When you learn my techniques, many of which have NEVER been seen before, you can start to create your own one of a kind ( OOAK ) male dolls.

Chapters include:

All about repainting, (which is an overview of the supplied needed )

The Male Face

Male Ken Doll Options ( what to do when you canít get the head off! )

Hair ( including never before shown techniques and options )

Repainting ( I walk you through a real repaint )

Facial Hair Styles

Body Modifications

Supplies and Links

Male Ken Doll Gallery

As with all my CDs, this one is also loaded with  tons of clear photos that show you each step of the process of painting and redoing Ken's hair, and adding other custom touches. I even added a Gallery of photos of my Ken doll makeovers to inspire you.


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PLEASE READ---If you have not painted a doll before, I recommend you start with my Repaint Volume ONE CD, which explains in detail how to repaint dolls. I do NOT teach basic repainting on my Male Doll Makeover CD. It is assumed that you already know how to paint a doll when you purchased this CD, as it is the third one in my doll painting series.

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About this CD:  You get 110 FULL COLOR pages on CD in handy, easy to read PDF format. Both PCs and Macs read PDF files with Adobe Reader. Most computers come with this program, but in case you need it, you can get it free from Adobe online.


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